European University Association (EUA) suspends 12 Russian members who back Putin’s invasion

The European University Association (EUA) has suspended 12 Russian members following the statement issued by the Russian Union of Rectors (RUR) supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as reported by University World News.

Following a request from University World News on 6 March for a response to the RUR statement, which backed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s justification for the invasion, the board of EUA agreed on 7 March to suspend the membership of 12 universities whose leaders had signed the RUR statement, “as it is diametrically opposed to the European values that they committed to when joining EUA”.

The statement, posted on the EUA’s website, said: “These 12 universities will remain suspended from EUA until such time as they are once again compliant with European values.”

It then lists the 12 suspended members as:

(University World News)