What we do

In order to fulfil our mission, VBIO acts as contact organisation to governmental institutions, providing expertise and advice. We continuously monitor relevant politics and pro-actively communicate statements on current affairs. We attend conferences and career fairs, and communicate our mission with schools and universities.

Individual members are represented state by state, by federal branches (Landesverbände) which organise professional development for teachers, local meetings and activities.

We provide literature, information and guidance for People interested in life sciences,prospective students an students, including online guides on bachelor and master studies.

We organize important topics in our study groups which work on e.g. reforms of the university system, issues surrounding the teaching of evolutionary biology in schools and the support of biologists in the medical research field

Our members receive constant updates on science news and activities of the association via weekly Newsletters and our journal "Biologie in unserer Zeit" (BiuZ).

You can find our comments and position papers on laws and politics affecting biomedical and biological research as well as school and university politics here (mostly in German language).