Selected Activities

VBIO is active on European and international level, too.

Examples from our international activities cover:

February 2018

Synthetic Biology (Cartagena Protocol)

German Life Sciences Association VBIO e. V. has been carefully following the ongoing discussions on Synthetic Biology under the umbrella of the CBD (resp. the Cartagena Protocol) and took part in the Peer review process of the report of the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Synthetic Biology.

The comments conveyed  to the secretariat pf the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) in Montreal are available in Englsh here

September 2017

Digital Sequence Information (Nagoya Protocol)

In a statement adressed to the secretariat of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) in Montreal VBIO has expressed its concerns regarding the inclusion of digital sequence information under the scope of the Nagoya Protocol.
The statement is available in English here.

September 2016

Genome Edting
VBIO launched an impulse paper “Genome Editing in plants: proposal for a pragmatic handling of the topic within the current legal framework (Original title: “Genome Editing bei Pflanzen: Biologenverband für pragmatischen Umgang im aktuellen Rechtsrahmen”. The impulse paper mainly addresses german stakeholders. Nevertheless it gained good response from European stakeholdes as well. The impulse paper is available in English here.

September 2016

VBIO and its UK counterpart RSB (Royal Society of Biology) launched a joint statement addressing the Brexit: "For many years UK and German scientists have demonstrated their excellence in research and their success in securing EU funding, achieving great things in collaboration. We urge our scientists to continue in this spirit and to work to achieve the best means of collaboration, as well as sharing the benefits of work experience across our communities."

For full text please visit: https://www.rsb.org.uk/news/14-news/1609-brexit-joint-statement-following-a-meeting-of-rsb-and-vbio

June 2016

Indepent Science advice
VBIO signed an Open letter, the “European research organisations call upon the European Parliament to encourage society to respect independent science advice and to condemn physical attacks on scientists”