Report Calls on Congress to Protect Science

A report endorsed by 16 organizations, including Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, Government Accountability Project, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, calls on Congress to protect science at Federal agencies.
The report entitled, Protecting Science at Federal Agencies: How Congress Can Help, outlines several priorities for Congressional oversight.  It details “new and ongoing threats to the communication of science and its use in public health and environmental decisions” and suggests steps that Congress can take to address these.

Issues highlighted in the report include politicization of science within agencies; threats to scientific advisory committees and science advice; unqualified and conflicted government leaders; constraints on the communication of science; whistleblowing and scientific integrity; and low-information approaches to enforcement of existing public health and environmental laws.
The report recommends steps that Congress can take to protect scientific integrity, such as holding hearings to expose political interference in science and to ensure accountability; using the appropriations process to protect the scientific enterprise and prevent politicization of science; passing legislation that codifies protections for science; and expanding protections for Federal whistleblowers.
The report is available at https://www.whistleblower.org/sites/default/files/Protecting%20Science%20at%20Federal%20Agencies.pdf

American Institute of Biological Sciences