Nachhaltigkeit/Klima | 18.10.2021

Climate change: Voices from global south muted by climate science

Climate change academics from some of the regions worst hit by warming are struggling to be published, according to a new analysis.

Wissenschaft | 02.12.2021

UNESCO sets ambitious international standards for open science

The first international framework on open science was adopted by 193 countries attending UNESCO’s General Conference. By making science more…

Wissenschaft | 18.10.2021

Researchers voice dismay at all-male science Nobels

All seven winners of this year’s science prizes were men. Some say this shows a disappointing lack of progress towards diversifying the awards.


Nachhaltigkeit/Klima | 18.10.2021

Analysis warns global biodiversity is below 'safe limit' ahead of COP 15

The world's biodiversity has fallen below the 'safe limit', researchers suggest, as habitat destruction and agriculture take their toll on…

englisch | 18.10.2021

WHO Director-General Bestows Posthumous Award on the Late Henrietta Lacks

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus honoured the late Henrietta Lacks with a WHO Director-General’s award, recognizing the world-changing legacy of this…

Ausbildung | 18.10.2021

Germany: International student numbers increase despite pandemic

Germany continues to belong to the world’s four most popular study locations, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and has even recorded a slight increase…

Australian flag
Hochschule | 17.09.2021

Australia: Study finds 40,000 tertiary jobs lost during pandemic

The National Tertiary Education Union launched a week of action as a study it commissioned revealed that a shocking 40,000 tertiary education staff…

englisch | 05.07.2021

COVID-19 vaccine technology transfer hub for Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) and its COVAX partners are working with a South African consortium comprising Biovac, Afrigen Biologics and…

englisch | 23.06.2021

Is the world splitting into opposing science ‘blocs’?

A race for supremacy in global science and technology has kicked off as China has announced a raft of ambitious policies to promote self-sufficiency…

englisch | 08.02.2021

Nature is a blind spot in economics that we ignore at our peril, says Dasgupta Review

A fundamental change in how we think about and approach economics is needed if we are to reverse biodiversity loss and protect and enhance our…

Wissenschaft | 02.11.2020

LERU Voices Concerns Over Recommendations to Ban Animal-Derived Antibodies

In a statement released on October 26th, The League of European Research Universities (LERU) outlines the reasons why animal-derived antibodies remain…

Medaille Nobelpreis
englisch | 08.10.2020

EPSO welcomes the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to E Charpentier and J Doudna for the development of a method for genome editing

The award honours a discovery made in basic research on bacteria, which has led to transformative applications in the plant and medical sciences. It…

Leererhörsaal, blick an die Tafel
Hochschule | 27.07.2020

How will the COVID-19 crisis affect the global rankings?

The first half of 2020 has been dramatic for higher education. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down schools and universities across the world and its…

englisch | 22.07.2020

Research Allocated an Insufficient Budget to Meet Unprecedented Challenges

European Parliament: the R&I community’s last hope for an ambitious research budget

englisch | 16.07.2020

Call to European leaders to step up investment in research, innovation and education

More than ever, the global Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the true value of excellent research, innovation and education. In the campaign “Seize…

englisch | 16.07.2020

cOAlition S develops “Rights Retention Strategy” to safeguard researchers’ intellectual ownership rights and suppress unreasonable embargo periods

Publishers commonly require authors to sign exclusive publishing agreements which restrict what authors can do with their research findings, including…

englisch | 24.06.2020

US: New Legislation Introduced to Address Foreign Influence in Research

As highlighted in an April 2019 editorial in BioScience, U.S. lawmakers are increasingly concerned about foreign threats to the U.S. scientific…

US flag
englisch | 28.05.2020

US: Survey Data Highlight COVID-19 Impacts on Science Collections

The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), Biodiversity Collections Network (BCoN), Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSC Alliance),…

Coronavirus-News | 12.05.2020

US: NIH Terminates Bat Coronavirus Research Grant

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has terminated a grant supporting research in China on how coronaviruses spread from bats to humans, according…

Fledermaus mit Coronavisrus  (Grafik)
Coronavirus-News | 14.04.2020

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Recommends Suspending Bat Research

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has issued an advisory to bat researchers, recommending that scientists suspend some fieldwork involving…